Westbrook, let me to guard the Thunder

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Westbrook, let me to guard the Thunder

Notapor Rosely » Mar Abr 18, 2017 7:09 am

Thunder team in the 2016 draft during the period will be sent to the magic of Ibaka and Orlando from the young defender Oradi wave, the purpose is to clean up the salary space, and Durant renewal http://www.officialsenatorsproshop.com/Womens_Youth_Logan_Brown_Jersey for the full preparation. Unexpectedly on July 4, 2016, Durant suddenly announced to go Auckland, so that the Thunder into a dilemma. At that time in the outside world, the Thunder faced a difficult choice, they can try to renew the contract with Westbrook, or simply trade Westbrook, and then completely down the reconstruction. Just when the public opinion has speculated that the Thunder will make any choice, the Thunder has made it clear that they have never considered the transaction Westbrook. Especially when Durant chose to leave the team, Westbrook first time to find the Thunder general manager Presti, "what can not happen?"
For the Thunder, the departure of Durant means http://www.officialsenatorsproshop.com/Womens_Youth_Jean-gabriel_Pageau_Jersey that Westbrook will be a small beam. He is no longer the old two headed, but the only leader. In addition, for the Thunder management, they have to ensure that Westbrook can sign the charge, only so, the Thunder can only successfully through the transformation stage. And Westbrook need to face is far more than these, he needs time to adapt to the new role, change their identity.
From the timeline, Durant decided to leave the team after a month, Westbrook announced the contract with the Thunder, but in fact as early as Durant after the first time away, Westbrook has decided to advance in advance, and gladly The pen reads his name on paper. It is worth mentioning that Westbrook I did not in any public occasion, to any media and journalists to reveal their views on the transfer of Durant, nor in the social media on the big comments.
Westbrook do not like to join in the fun, as long as the conditions permit, he almost caught every opportunity to fall alone into their own small world. Every time I play the national anthem before the game, he will stand away from the team lined up outside the place, to avoid any other physical contact with the possibility. In the intermittent race, he always sat on the edge of the bench. After the shooting training, he will continue to practice in the corner of a person. Before each home game, he will always arrive three hours in advance to the stadium for a person's warm-up training.
At the signing ceremony of the Westbrook contract, he will last season's "Moxie dry head", replaced his UCLA period Youth Trevor Van White Jersey of the inch, even if Moxi dry more in line with his style of play, but from now on he Just want to return to simple. When we found the new shape of Westbrook, he just used his own style has been Westbrook, simple and clear to tell you: everything changed, but do not worry, I have long been ready.
Westbrook not only won the praise and affirmation from his teammates, but also received the attention of alliances, Jordan also introduced Westbrook became members of the Oklahoma City Hall of Fame. Fans also use the Thunder at home "MVP" shouting, for Westbrook 42 times the season three times, as "the first person in history," the honor http://www.officialsenatorsproshop.com/Womens_Youth_Chris_Driedger_Jersey of honor that no respect for the respect. People began to appreciate this often often picky players!
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