The Bulls have a strong power for the title?

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The Bulls have a strong power for the title?

Notapor Rosely » Jue Abr 20, 2017 4:51 am

This season, the East and West top of the team, in the first round are often easy to qualify, we seem to have not seen for a long time black and seven black eight of the situation. But this year's playoffs, the Bulls have the opportunity to complete such a feat, after the game today, the Bulls have a big score 2-0 lead the Celtics.
As the regular season in the eastern part of the first, the Celtics can be considered anyway tyrannical, but who can think of the first round of the first round of the face of the eastern part of the Bulls, the Celtics beat at home, the current big score has been 0-2 behind.
Green Army can be considered Swingman Julius Erving Blue Jersey a traditional giants of the NBA, this series, they also know where the advantages and disadvantages of the bull, respectively, but the problem is that the Celtics is unable to limit the opponent. Celtics fans in the side to see the anxious, the game, when the stitch after a three-point, the home fans expressed dissatisfaction with Smarter, and Smarter was very happy, directly to the home The Celtics fans erected the middle finger.
Before that, many people say that Stevens is the next Popovich, but embarrassing is that after the end of today's game, he coached the team 0-2 behind him, he coached the team playoff record A total of only 2 wins and 10 losses in the league all the playoffs to teach more than 10 coaches, Stevens embarrassing ranked first in the first place.
In the series 2-0 lead, Wade's team before 12 times have won. Obviously, this round of the series, the Bulls are doing enough to prepare, after the game about the team score 2-0 lead results, Jimmy Butler said, "I am not surprised.
Get inside the world, this year's playoffs, many games seem to have confirmed this point. In addition to the Celtics, the jazz's inside is also off the hook today. Because the Gobel was injured, the Clippers were given the inside of the jazz today. Data show that this series, when the Jazz only a traditional inside, the Clippers hit the basket as high as 79%, when the Jazz has two big men in the presence of the Clippers in the basket hit rate also 62%.
Because Gobel injured, the Clippers is the most advantageous Authentic Ryan Hartman Kids Jersey point is a small Jordan, and today's game, the small Jordan 11 vote 9, scored 18 points and 15 rebounds rule the basket. Seeing Jordan 's dominance, O'Neill even jokingly said, "Dean Drew' s performance tonight is like Jordan.
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