NFL legend one day contract to join the Mavericks round bask

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NFL legend one day contract to join the Mavericks round bask

Notapor Borum » Jue Abr 20, 2017 7:24 am

Last week, NFL Cheap Jerseys Online legendary quarterback Tony Rommo announced his retirement, ending his 13-year career, retired, he will go to CBS Sports as chief analyst, but before that, Romo also There is an identity to go to fulfill, that is when the day the NBA Dallas Mavericks players.

US time on April 11 the Mavericks game with the Nuggets, will be the Mavericks this season, the last home game, then, Romo will appear in the bench and participate in the player introduction ceremony. However, according to Mark Stein's report, although the Mavericks have missed the playoffs, but the team will not arrange Rohm play.

Nevertheless, Romo's basketball level is worthy of recognition, for this point, and Romeo had played in the official game Caron Butler had the right to speak.

"Believe it or not, in the early stages of our career, I often said that Romo can easily play professional basketball." Butler told reporters. "I hear so many people are surprised to say 'buddy, are you crazy?', But they do not know that Tony shot very well, he also has excellent ball control technology, he has the scoring tips.

"He is a very good football quarterback, he played golf is great, basketball is also, these sports have played a help for his football game.If he was successful in the basketball court, I will not Surprised, because he has a very good feeling for any game.Golf is very particular about the brain, football requires you to make excellent judgments in the air, as basketball, I think both are very important.

In 1998, both Butler and Romo were part of the American high school basketball team in the Racine area, and Patler represented the Racine Park High School basketball team, and then he went to the University of Connecticut, followed by his 14 years Of the NBA; Romo is a member of Burlington High School (averaging 24.3 points and 8.8 rebounds and 4.7 assists), but unlike Butler, Butler went to the University of East Illinois, followed by joining the Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply, began their own legendary career.

Mavericks boss Cuban recently said the team will be the last moment in the season to introduce a pass the first type of point guard, at that time, people do not know that Cuban is talking about Romo. In a joke, Romo was not the first type of point guard, because he still maintained a historical record of Burlington High School (1080 points).

Butler and Romo high school only in a formal occasion to play once, when Butler's Racine Park team to 72 to 47 points victory over Burlington High School, Butler fourth quarter to get the audience 27 points in 16 points , While Romo contributed 12 points.

When Butler is still in the Mavericks, the two old friends have had several brief contacts, this time, when Rohm decided to join CBS, the two sides also sent a text message to each other.

"He went to a good place," Butler said. "He feels good about anything and I am happy for him."

For Roma is about to become a Mavericks players, Butler is naturally very happy.

"A legendary star of another sport will appear in the basketball team, which is very special, is not it? We are doing a very entertaining thing, see Romo and Cuban stand together to see He and the future Hall of Fame members Dirk Nowitzki become teammates, this is really special in the future, if you see other teams do not enter the playoffs as the Mavericks do so, I would not be surprised.
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