Moment can not carelessly in the attack of George

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Moment can not carelessly in the attack of George

Notapor Rosely » Vie Abr 21, 2017 4:19 am

In the same series with the Cavs before the two games, Paul George brave performance, Cavs no way for him. For the Cavs, their luck is a bit poor, they hit the state adjustment to the best of George. Count the regular season ending stage, the last 11 games, George averaged 31.3 points, shooting as high as 52.5%, he is now no signs of decline.
"In the past three years we have had some great personal perceptions in the playoffs and have faced some of the same series with the Warriors," James said. "So, George is the kind of thing you have to keep every turn His type, because he can give you hurt. Defensive side, defensive George is not a person's work, the other four people must also be involved, the bench players have to communicate with the players on the field, so that players on the field know George's position, we are trying to make trouble for him.
"The problem is, he is now omnipotent," Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said, "If you take a little bit with him, he can hit you. He can pick Kids Michael Jordan Cheap Jersey and roll, can catch the ball, can use the cover cut Shooting, can use singles to create their own shooting opportunities.
"He did not really have a weakness, when he was able to pass the ball, he wanted to cover George is really hard, we know we have to surmount, can not rely on one person to defend him, we must use a different People go against him.
As Lue said, now George omnipotent Women David Clarkson Navy Blue Jersey, the first two games he hit 19 sports warfare goals, which singles, pick and roll, conversion attack each 4, he also by fixed-point shooting, around the cover shooting into the two The ball, back singles, took over hand delivery and other aspects of shooting, George can use a variety of ways to score.
In the flank position Cavs has J.R. Smith, Schumpeter, LeBron James these defensive Titans, but by one to one Cavs no one can prevent George. In the past two games, the Cavs of George took a large number of double-teamed, forced George pass, even if the George field is still able to H-off more than 30 points.
"George's one-on-one gave us some trouble," said Lue. "It's also in our expectation, but on the whole I feel that our efforts, energy, attention to detail are focused and focused. The third quarter of a game is great for us, and we have to continue to play that united so that we have no problem."
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