Green had showed the best defender

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Green had showed the best defender

Notapor Rosely » Mar Abr 18, 2017 7:58 am

The playoffs finally opened the curtain, although the Blazers Shiren cut 75 points, but Green's defensive performance in the second half drew the pioneer's counterattack momentum! The game, the Blazers double fire fire full, they are very hope Took away a victory away, but Green's defense in the second half allowed the Blazers to panic. Dream of the Blazers twice will be the potential of the dunk directly pressed down, one is the face of Lilard, one is the face of the pioneers of the fast break two dozen. Although the regular season's best defensive selection has nothing to do with the playoffs, but Green has used his performance to prove why he is the best defender of the sport.
After the game, Green said: "Everything is from the McKee in the third quarter to bring the energy began. Although they almost caught Blackhawks Marcus Kruger Jersey up in the last minute, but our energy has been transferred.
It is Green's super defensive ability, so that the Warriors in the fourth quarter put David West, Green, Thompson and Durant's starting, Durant also benefit from this, he can infinity in the distance Singles each other's small forward, or break the other's power forward. If the Nurkiki can not return, the Blazers this series of the basic has been confessed, they may be full of confidence, but the strength of the gap is insurmountable. In simple terms, when there is the best defensive player in the square, the game will not play well, he can give up the score to focus on defense, and lock each other's number one defender. Before Cole had said that Green has matured a lot, from the game point of view, Green is really more terrible.
This is the awareness of the top defender, and sometimes the opponent will cast an incredible ball, as the old saying: NBA is a cast or cast into the league, and sometimes those lucky shots will be very defensive morale The But you also have to know, good defense, or "dream" Green's defense, get feedback is not accidental. His strong will let him back every quarterback-style long pass, but also let him read the situation, appear in every corner of the stadium, destroy each other every wonderful attack.
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