Green, do not give him space

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Green, do not give him space

Notapor Rosely » Jue Abr 20, 2017 8:05 am

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green this season played a terrorist defense, and now he is "the best defensive player of the year," a strong competitor. Recently, "Dream" revealed his own defense MVP popular James Harden's secret.
Harden averaged 10.9 points this season, free throw line, which hit 9.2 times, two data are the first in the league, but also "beard" my career high. In the last five seasons, Harden has averaged more than 10 free throws in four seasons, making foul has become a "mustard" very important scoring means.
Harden is the strongest "offensive sword", Green is tough "defensive gate", if the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors can win the first two rounds before the playoffs, the two teams will meet in the Western Conference. Harden and Green will be on the bit, will represent the strongest offensive and defensive NBA today.
"The first point, do not give him space," said Green, "there is a player in the league can not dribble can not find the rhythm of the attack, Harden is one of you let him dribble more, the more he can enter himself The rhythm of the attack, the more he can get into the offensive rhythm, the less likely it is to prevent this level of players.
Harden this season played a stunning Reebok Matt Dumba Wild Jersey offensive performance, he averaged the league's second highest 29.1 points, but also sent out the league 11.2 assists. But as a defensive expert, "Dream" will not be afraid of such a combination of attack and attack master.
"When you let him start dancing, dancing, dancing, finding the rhythm, then you have only half the chance to prevent him, and in that case whether the goal is entirely dependent on his own feel, so you must advance His space, but he must not get started, because he is very cunning, which is why I have kept his hand in front of him.If you slightly stretched out his hand, Harden will immediately seize this opportunity, he was It is a master who is a master, and although many people question him, he does benefit so much, and when you create a new way of playing, the benefits and questions always coexist.
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