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Notapor Borum » Mar Abr 18, 2017 7:58 am

Last season, the rookie Tyreek Hill in the chiefs showed a color, 61 times the ball, made 6 touchdowns, 24 times the ball made three touchdowns, but also in 39 times to kill the kick back to get 2 touchdowns, 14 open Ball back to get a touchdowns.

According to a press report, Freud in September to accept meniscus repair surgery after nerve injury symptoms, which makes his career becomes very dangerous.

Chief coach Andy Reid believes that for Hill so scoring ability extraordinary players, 138 touch the ball is not enough. Therefore, Reid will let Hill play a key offensive player next season, let him as a runaway or take over to participate in more tee.

According to colleague an Rapoport reports, the future Hall of Fame retired running back will not fall off his work at the NFL Network.

After the worst season in Kham-Newton's career, the Panthers will try to improve the offensive group to strengthen the performance of the headed quarterback.

"It would be very important for Terek to grow on the offensive end," said Reid.

Red said that although Hill enters the NFL when there is little experience running the route, but more games will help him more seasoned.

If Hill can grow to the level of running players, next season he should have a more dazzling performance. Chiefs with the area opponents have to cry.

The defenders of the Vikings defender Sharrif Floyd's career may soon be at an end, knee injury and postoperative complications or will force him to decide so.

His agent said: "Xiali Fu is trying to recover, he met several best doctors, will continue to work, hope to usher in the best results.

Freud this season, the basic salary of 6.757 million US dollars, which is his fifth year rookie contract injury protection part. But only 25 years old, he should have a lot of games can play, a lot of money can earn, injury for his future cast a layer of haze.

The report said Tom Linsen would "support the organization and expand the community impact when the team moved to Los Angeles."

Panthers official said earlier that the quarterback KAM - Newton's side of the shoulder injury surgery was successful and the results were pleasing.

Pat Connor, chief surgeon of the team, retreated at the Carolina Medical Center at the Carolina Medical Center this morning to repair the rotating muscles of the KAM-Newton tear. "Chief athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion said," Dr. Connor was satisfied with the results of the operation. He is currently recuperating at home and he will begin training on Monday.

Lightning recently declared that the former team runaway LaDainian Tomlinson will join the team as a special assistant

"LT is one of the most representative and most loved lightning players." Lightning boss Dean Spanos said, "he helped us in the relocation of Los Angeles, he can also represent the lightning on the pitch, the community became Look like.
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